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Strategies for Procurement Innovation and Reform

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December 2013
70 pages
This report presents a set of strategies for improving and reforming the procurement process in the public sector.
This report from the IJIS (Integrating Justice Information Systems) Institute presents a set of strategies for improving and reforming the procurement process in the public sector. The strategies were developed by the Task Force on Procurement Innovation and Reform. The Task Force began by identifying several themes that contribute to the current model of unsuccessful, laborious, or contentious procurements. These themes include misunderstanding of technology and standards, culture, lack of communication, and concerns about risk. The Task Force also identified key challenges and issues that directly influence the procurement process and stifle innovation: difficulty applying standards in mature markets, the challenge of illustrating the value of standards adoption and use, lack of success creating the markets for standards, vague standards definition and inconsistent adoption, lack of clear, agreed upon performance criteria, lack of clarity in how government and industry may communicate, difficulty in defining and articulating requirements, and requirements that are flexible. In order to address these challenges, the Task Force recommends the formation of an ongoing procurement innovation coalition. This coalition will continue to refine the work begun by the Task Force and take a leadership role in ensuring that both the buyer and seller communities are well represented in future endeavors. In addition to the formation of this coalition, the Task Force recommends adoption of the following: encourage the adoption and proliferation of standards for interoperability and data sharing; emphasis on mutual accountability and partnership between both buyer and seller in support of a shared mission; and establishment of clear, two-way communication between both the buyer and the seller. Tables, appendixes, and references

Date Published: December 1, 2013