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State Responses to Mass Incarceration - Panel Discussion at the 2011 NIJ Conference

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June 2011
12 pages
This is the video and transcript of presentations at the 2011 NIJ Conference from a panel on "State Responses to Mass Incarceration."
One panel member discusses Ohio's response to the Council of State Governments' (CSG's) report on how that State might reduce its mass incarceration; the State was then operating at 132 percent of capacity. Ohio will soon consider incorporating CSG recommendation into law so as to reduce mass incarceration without compromising public safety. A major issue to be considered is sentencing reform, with attention to reducing the incarceration of first-time property and drug offenders, requiring them to serve probation with appropriate treatment provided. The background for this recommendation is presented. The second panel presenter discusses the impact of Arkansas' experience with mass incarceration and outlines the findings and recommendations that emerged from technical assistance designed to increase cost-effective community-based sentences for offenses that have typically received incarceration. The third panel presenter provides information on a similar strategy for reducing mass incarceration in Texas without compromising public safety.

Date Published: June 1, 2011