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Special Feature: Community Corrections

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This publication provides a listing of information resources and toolkits in support of community corrections programs, including resources on equipment and technology, statistics, training, and more.


This Special Feature on community corrections programs, also referred to as community supervision programs, provides an initial overview of how corrections officials can, and do, help people navigate re-entry into society following incarceration through work with community treatment organizations in order to help individuals overcome the challenges of re-entry and match them with the appropriate levels of supervision and service. The publication notes that more than 3.7 million Americans were under community supervision at the end of 2022, discussing how technology is used by community corrections officials to help individuals on probation or parole, and highlights Office of Justice Programs (OJP) support efforts for community corrections programs. As part of those support efforts, this Special Feature provides a listing of publications and additional resources about community corrections technology and equipment, such as telecommunications, video conferencing, and police armor and bulletproof vests; it also provides relevant statistics on correctional populations, probation and parole, characteristics and trends in delinquency cases, recidivism of sex offenders, and more; and it describes and provides links to training resources, including core competencies and training support, specialty training for staff of state and local corrections, as well as other court and justice training materials. The additional resources section includes Just Science podcast episodes, peer recovery support resources, youth re-entry and family engagement information and other criminal justice system-focused resources to foster innovation and successful re-entry programs.

Date Published: January 1, 2020