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Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, 2002

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Date Published
August 2004
657 pages
This book presents statistical information related to crime and criminal justice in the United States for 2002.
The first section of the book presents data on the number and types of criminal justice agencies and employees, criminal justice expenditures, and the workload of agency personnel. Tables summarize, State-by-State, the statutory, regulatory, or administrative characteristics and practices of selected criminal justice agencies. The book's second section presents the findings of nationwide public opinion polls on such issues as fear of victimization, the death penalty, gun control, drug use, and ratings of law enforcement and court system performance. The third section presents statistics on several indicators of the prevalence of illegal activities. The data come from surveys of individuals and households regarding their criminal victimization, self-report data on drug use or participation in other offenses, and law enforcement data on offenses reported to them. The fourth section presents data on the characteristics and distribution of persons arrested. This includes data on the age, sex, race, and area; proportions of known crimes cleared by arrests; and illegal goods and assets seized. The fifth section contains tables on the number of adults and juveniles processed through the courts, as well as their characteristics, disposition, and sentences. The final section presents statistics on persons under correctional supervision, including those on probation and parole and in local jails. Data are also provided on the population and movement of inmates in State and Federal prisons, as well as offenders executed and those currently under death sentences. Extensive tables

Date Published: August 1, 2004