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Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, 1995

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Date Published
November 1996
751 pages
Publication Series
This volume presents statistical data about crime and criminal justice in the United States, using data from public and private agencies and all levels of government.
The book is divided into six section. The first section focuses on the characteristics of the criminal justice systems and includes data on the number and types of criminal justice agencies and employees; expenditures; workloads; and statutory, regulatory, and administrative characteristics of selected agencies. Further sections present the results of nationwide surveys on public attitudes toward crime and criminal justice, data on the nature and distribution of known offenses, statistics on the characteristics and distribution of persons arrested, data on the judicial processing of defendants, and information on the characteristics of persons under correctional supervision in institutions and the community. Annotated list of sources, addresses of publishers, and 19 appendixes presenting definitions of terms and discussions of the methodologies of specific surveys

Date Published: November 1, 1996