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Safety Savvy App Provides the Answers to Your Questions

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Techbeat Dated: March/April 2015 Pages: 16-18
Date Published
April 2015
3 pages
This article describes the features and functions of the "Safety Savvy" app, which can be used on both Apple and Android phones to provide school-related safety information.

Among the school-related safety information provided to app users are safe travel to and from school, classroom safety, bullying awareness, peer relations, safety in extracurricular activities, and internet safety guidelines. The latter topic addresses family rules for internet use, the protection of passwords and usernames, and preventing "cyber bulling." The app also includes a function that calls 911. The safety information provided through the app is drawn from education materials and law enforcement safety and crime prevention recommendations. Although the app is a product of the Texas Center for the Missing (TCM), the safety information provided has univertsal application because it addresses the common experiences of school-age children and their families. TCM provides outreach to schools in local Texas communities and also engages in an ongoing partnership with law enforcement agencies in providing updated strategies for preventing various types of dangers confronting school children and their families.

Date Published: April 1, 2015