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RISSafe Officer Safety Event Deconfliction System: Safeguarding Law Enforcement Through Information Sharing

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Date Published
July 2010
2 pages

This newsletter explains the RISSafe officer safety event deconfliction system.


Investigative efforts, such as undercover operations, often create the potential for conflict between agencies or officers that are unknowingly working in close proximity to each other. In other cases, agencies or officers may be coordinating an event focusing on the same subject at the same time. In either case, agencies or officers may interfere with each other's cases, causing investigative efforts to be disrupted or, worse, officers to be unintentionally hurt or killed. The use of an officer safety event deconfliction system allows for controlled and secure monitoring of these operations and the immediate notification of affected parties when conflicts arise. (Published Abstract)

Date Published: July 1, 2010