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Results of the 1997 Illinois Adult Probation Outcome Study

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Data from the more than 2,400 probationers who were discharged from probation in Illinois during a 4-week period in November and December 1997 were used to study probationer characteristics and the outcomes of probation cases.

The data were collected by individual probation officers. Results revealed that the majority of adults on probation in Illinois completed their sentences satisfactorily; they had no technical violations or rearrests during their period of supervision. Offenders convicted of property and drug law offenses, offenders with histories of drug abuse, offenders with prior involvement in the justice system, and offenders in their late teens and early 20's were most likely to be rearrested, have technical violations, and be negatively discharged from probation. In addition, the satisfaction of probation conditions such as payments of supervision fees and fines not only provided the justice system with substantial revenues to supplement taxpayer funding, but also resulted in the recovery of losses by victim through restitution and by the community through court-ordered community service. Most probationers completed the treatment ordered. Findings also indicated that during supervision a substantial portion of probationers experienced improvement in various aspects of their personal lives, including attitudes, employment stability, and family relationships. Figures, tables, and appended instruments and additional results

Date Published: January 1, 1998