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Researcher-Survivor Formative Evaluation of San Francisco's Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces: Analysis of San Francisco Police Department Incident Reports

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Date Published
August 2018
47 pages
This report presents the findings and methodology of an assessment of the work of San Francisco's Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces, based on an analysis of the San Francisco Police Department's (SFPD's) incident reports.

The study of incident reports focused on data related to people who were selling sex, people who were buying sex, whether such cases were screened for human trafficking, and whether human trafficking was correctly identified in such cases. After examining these data, this study determined that the SFPD is doing a better job of screening for and correctly identifying a case as human trafficking, based on data from 2014/2015 to 2009/2010. The one notable discrepancy is among incidents that involve the SFPD's Special Victims Unit (SVU). Although the SVU is doing a better job of screening for human trafficking, its odds of correctly identifying a case as human trafficking significantly declined in 2014/2015. This resulted largely from SVU's labeling massage establishment inspections and operations targeting men purchasing sex as human trafficking incidents. The accuracy of the SFPD's data would improve significantly if SVU only used the incident code for human trafficking for those incidents in which human trafficking was established. If the focus was just among incidents where people were selling sex, SVU did not experience a change in the odds of correctly identifying human trafficking. 14 tables and appended Data Extraction Form and a listing of factors that indicate human trafficking

Date Published: August 1, 2018