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Remarks of James K Stewart for the Medal of Valor Ceremony, St Louis, Missouri, November 21, 1985

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Through research relevant to law enforcement objectives, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) supports police efforts to serve their communities.


These Medal of Valor awards, given to two St. Louis officers who saved citizens trapped by fire, reflect the community's appreciation for police officers' dedication to community safety under the rule of law. NIJ uses research to assist these police efforts. This research includes urinalysis experiments that permit the pretrial detainment of drug abusers likely to commit crimes if given pretrial release, tests to establish the effectiveness of Kevlar protective vests for police, other standards testing for police equipment, experiments to reduce crime and citizens' fear of crime, and the evaluation of Neighborhood Watch and Crime Stoppers. Other NIJ research consists of projects in New York City communities which foster cooperation between police and citizens to reduce crime and revitalize depressed areas, and the development of public information videos for television. Community commendations for heroic police action and police research efforts reflect our appreciation for and commitment to safe and free communities where all Americans can prosper.

Date Published: January 1, 1985