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Reforming New Orleans' Criminal Justice System - Interview With Michael Jacobson

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September 2012
2 pages
This is the transcript and video of an interview with Michael Jacobson of the Vera Institute of Justice regarding his organization's experiences in providing technical assistance for New Orleans' criminal justice system following hurricane Katrina.
Jacobson first addresses the nature and role of the New Orleans Criminal Justice Leadership Alliance, which provides the city's leadership in working with the Vera Institute to assess the current state of the criminal justice system and guide its reform. The interview then addresses the importance of collecting, organizing, and analyzing raw data in empirically assessing the policies and operations of the current criminal justice system, as well as for measuring the impact of various reforms. The interview then addresses some of the new projects and initiatives currently being pursued in New Orleans. The initiative mentioned is an effort to improve treatment for mentally ill and drug-involved persons at the pretrial stage following arrest. The interview concludes with Jacobson's opinion about the future of New Orleans' criminal justice system. He believes the city's leadership has made a commitment to achieving needed change; and small, measured steps are being taken toward identified goals for reform.

Date Published: September 1, 2012