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Public/Private Ventures' Evaluation of Faith-Based Programs

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November 2001
2 pages
This paper discusses Public/Private Ventures' evaluation of faith-based programs.
Churches and other faith-based institutions often provide social, educational, and employment services to juveniles and their families in poor communities through "outreach ministries." Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the effectiveness of social policies, programs, and community initiatives, especially those that affect juveniles and young adults. P/PV is part of an effort to determine faith-based organizations' ability to form strategic partnerships, leverage and manage resources, build community support, and actively involve congregants in supporting juveniles. P/PV also will examine the role of faith in service delivery, the extent of faith-based organizations' reach into the community, and the impact of the initiative on juveniles and their communities. Early findings show that faith-based programs enjoy high credibility with the community. Weaknesses of the programs include inadequate personnel policies, hiring practices, fiscal management, and fund raising capacities; a general lack of program knowledge; and uncertainty as to how to communicate with the secular world.

Date Published: November 1, 2001