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Public Safety Officers' Benefits: Filing a PSOB Appeal

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Date Published
July 2010
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This fact sheet explains the steps in the appeals process under the Public Safety Officers' Benefits (PSOB) program.


The appeals process results from a claimant being notified by letter that his/her claim has been denied. Enclosed with the letter is the determination that provided the basis for the decision and information about filing an appeal. A claimant then has 33 days from the date of the letter to provide notice to the PSOB Office that he/she wishes to file an appeal of the decision; an extension may be granted for good cause. When the PSOB Office receives the claimant's notice of appeal, a hearing officer is assigned to the claim. The hearing officer then contacts the claimant directly to discuss the appeals process and the next steps. The hearing officer will then reconsider the claim, with a willingness to accept and consider any newly submitted information. At the claimant's request, a hearing may be held at a time and place convenient for the claimant. Once the hearing officer's decision regarding the appeal has been submitted, the claimant is notified by letter. If there is a reversal of the initial decision and the PSOB Director agrees, the claim is approved and the benefit is paid. If the hearing officer does not reverse the claim's initial determination, the claimant may request an appeal to the PSOB Director. The Director will then reconsider the entire claim and will accept and review any newly submitted information before making a final decision. The claimant will be notified of the Director's final decision.

Date Published: July 1, 2010