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Process Evaluation of the Wisconsin Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program: The Mental Illness-Chemical Abuse (MICA) Program at Oshkosh Correctional Institution, 1997/1998

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This report presents the process evaluation methodology and findings for the Mental Illness-Chemical Abuse Program (MICA) at Oshkosh Correctional Institution.
provides treatment services to inmates who are dually diagnosed with substance abuse and a mental disorder. This process evaluation identified and documented important aspects of treatment program implementation. The initial evaluation goals focused on progress in implementing the treatment program; offender participation; impact on intermediate outcomes; implementation and coordination of the aftercare component; the implementation of parole staff training; the development of tools, procedures, and analysis plan to conduct an outcome evaluation; and coordination with a national cross-site valuation. Due to delays in treatment program implementation the study was unable to address program impact on intermediate outcomes, implementation and coordination of the aftercare component, and the implementation of parole staff training. The evaluation used a variety of methods and data sources to obtain qualitative data regarding program implementation, including site visits to interview key stakeholders, telephone interviews, staff meetings, program document review, and development of a participant data system to document participant characteristics; in addition, evaluation staff developed an outcome evaluation design in collaboration with treatment program staff and coordinated with the national evaluation. The evaluation concluded that the MICA program has been implemented as planned, achieving the goal of reaching program capacity within 6 months of program start. The program has addressed a variety of system and institutional challenges related to staff hiring, staff cohesion, staff training, the physical setting of the treatment program, coordination of urinalysis testing, and coordination of institutional work assignments while in treatment. MICA has developed measurable goals and objectives, as well as functional criteria and procedures for referral, admission, and assessment. 6 tables and 14 references

Date Published: January 1, 1998