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"Plan, Prepare, Act" Video Wins Award, Encourages Planning

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Techbeat Dated: July-August 2016 Pages: 13-15
Date Published
August 2016
3 pages

This article from TECHbeat (July-August 2016) discusses the production, objective, and uses of the video, "Plan, Prepare, Act," which encourages viewers to think about evacuating a school building safely in case of a school shooting, locating safe hiding places, and planning how to fight back if absolutely necessary. 


This 11-minte video was produced by the Orland Park Police Department (Illinois) with donated assistance from local business Eyelight Studios. In the introduction to the video, Orland Park Police Chief Timothy McCarthy says that although it is difficult even to think about the possibility of a school shooting, planning what to do in case of such an event is critical. In planning the video's production, volunteers were recruited from among police officers' family members to play the roles of administrators, teachers, and students. Cooperation was obtained from Orland Park Fire Protection and other local emergency services agencies. Although the department incurred some production costs, overall expenses remained low, and the video itself is available for free to local schools. It is intended that the video be shown to school staff repeatedly. It ensures that substitute teachers are trained to adhere to procedures recommended in the video. The video is available for viewing at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0NPcbAuJ84.

Date Published: August 1, 2016