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Officer Safety and Wellness (OSW) Group Meeting Summary, April 25, 2012: Vehicle Operation, Risk Management, and Problem-based Learning

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November 2013
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This is a summary of the issues addressed by the Officer Safety and Wellness (OSW) Group at its meeting on April 25, 2012, which focused on officer vehicle operation, risk management, and problem-based learning.
The meeting identified gaps in research on officers' safety in operating their vehicles. Some of the research gaps mentioned are the demographic profile of officers with high crash risk, the impact of distractions (e.g., phones radios, computers, and patrol observation) on crash risk, and officer driving behaviors. Some policy issues that must be addressed are general maintenance of vehicles; policies regarding speeding, pursuits, running lights. and sirens; response to calls for service; and the number of vehicles that should be involved in a mobile pursuit. Research, policy, training, and practice/programs are also discussed for risk management and training. In the area of training, the meeting focused on "problem-based" learning. Under this approach, the teacher facilitates and guides the learning experience of students and the students work in teams in solving problems. There is an interactive learning process that encourages critical thinking, team work, resource identification, and network development. The focus is on developing life-long learning and leadership skills. 10 references and appended meeting agenda and meeting attendees,

Date Published: November 1, 2013