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Office of Justice Programs Strategic Plan: Fiscal Years 2007-2012

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August 2006
29 pages
The U.S. Justice Department's Office of Justice Programs (OJP) presents its strategic plan for fiscal years 2007-2012 in pursuing its mission of preventing and controlling crime, administering justice, and assisting victims.
The OJP Strategic Plan addresses the underlying issues and situations facing the United States' criminal justice systems at the State, local, and tribal levels and how OJP is responding to them. The plan emphasizes the importance of partnerships between OJP and State, local, and tribal governments. The plan identifies the challenges that OJP faces in prioritizing increasing demands for resources and how it will address these challenges. It provides a framework that focuses funding so that return on investment is optimized. The changes embodied in the plan are oriented toward a coordinated approach for addressing cross-cutting issues at the OJP level. These changes also involve an increased emphasis on providing knowledge, information, and innovation through a "knowledge-to-practice model;" a research-based approach for providing evidence-based knowledge, and tools needed to address the challenges of crime and justice. This approach intends to identify and evaluate practices that work, disseminate those practices throughout the Nation, and discontinue those practices and programs proven to be ineffective. The plan is presented in three chapters. The first chapter discusses major challenges and responses confronting State, local, and tribal justice organizations. The second chapter presents OJP strategic goals and objectives, strategies, and performance measures. The third chapter discusses major management and administration priorities required to conduct and support the mission. 4 tables

Date Published: August 1, 2006