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Nursing Response to Elder Mistreatment Curriculum

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This Web site, from the International Association of Forensic Nurses, provides an online course for nurses to assist them in their response to situations of elder mistreatment.


This online course from the International Association of Forensic Nurses provides nurses with the essential knowledge and skills needed to respond to cases of elder mistreatment in an appropriate and efficient manner. The site has three main sections. The first section, "About this Curriculum," includes the course outline; a discussion on the need for the course and the scope of elder mistreatment; the course goals, objectives, and outcomes; the course structure and target audience; and use of the instructor's manual. The Modules section contains the links to the 12 modules: 1 - Introduction to the Course; 2 - Demographics of Aging; 3 - Scope and Nature of Elder Mistreatment; 4 - Laws and Policies Related to Elder Mistreatment, 5 - Ethical Issues in Elder Mistreatment Cases; 6 - Screening and Assessment for Elder Mistreatment; 7 - Assessing Patients for Signs of Elder Mistreatment; 8 - Multidisciplinary Team Approaches to Elder Mistreatment; 9 - Forensic Evidence in Elder Mistreatment Cases; 10 - Photo Documentation in Elder Mistreatment Cases; 11 - Documentation in Elder Mistreatment Cases; and 12 - Discharge and Care Transition Planning in Elder Mistreatment Cases. Each module includes an instructor's manual, participant materials, and a slide presentation. The final section, "Resources," includes helpful links to organizations that provide information and assistance to deal with the problem of elder mistreatment.

Date Published: January 1, 2010