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NIJ Publications Catalog, Seventh Edition: 1987-1998

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Date Published
December 1999
73 pages
This National Institute of Justice (NIJ) catalog lists publications and videotapes produced by the NIJ between January 1987 and December 1998 alphabetically by subject.
Information provided for each publication includes the title, author(s), number of pages, identification number for ordering, and electronic availability. A set of keywords is also listed below each entry to give a better representation of the publication's subject matter. Detailed instructions are included on how to order from the catalog and on how to access NIJ publications available online. Publication entries are organized into categories of community policing, corrections, courts, crime prevention, criminal justice and HIV/AIDS, criminology and research, drug testing, drugs and crime, law enforcement, science and technology, victims, violence, and solicitations. Videotape entries are categorized as Research in Progress Seminar, Perspectives on Crime and Justice, Crime File, and miscellaneous.

Date Published: December 1, 1999