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NIJ Journal Issue No. 226

NCJ Number
National Institute of Justice Journal Issue: 226 Dated: April 2000 Pages: 1-36
Date Published
April 1993
38 pages
Publication Series
After profiling the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ's) Drug Market Analysis (DMA) program, five articles describe how research has been put in practice in the development of drug testing by hair analysis, the countering of open-air drug markets, the anticipation of new drug epidemics, a conference on evaluation, and the Drug Use Forecasting Program.
The first article describes how the DMA program has been implemented in Jersey City, NJ; Kansas City, Mo.; San Diego, Calif.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; and Hartford, Conn. An article on the development of drug testing by hair analysis considers the status of drug testing methods, hair and urine as testing mediums, NIJ support of hair testing research, testing technologies, and the need for continuing study. Also described are drug testing in the Orleans Parish Diversionary Program (Louisiana) and hair testing in the courts. An article on Tampa's (Florida) efforts to counter rampant open-air drug markets describes the QUAD (Quick Uniform Attack on Drugs) program, which involves police-community cooperation in disrupting these drug markets. Another article presents the findings from a review of what happened in local communities when old drugs emerged in new forms, so as to identify ways for identifying new drugs at an early stage. A review of the third annual conference on Evaluating Drug Control Initiatives, held in Washington, D.C., in July 1992, focuses on the results of completed evaluations; the status of evaluations in progress; and evaluation designs, skills, and uses. The Drug Use Forecasting Program is briefly described on the journal's inside back cover.

Date Published: April 1, 1993