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Next Millennium Conference: Ending Domestic Violence

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August 1999
866 pages
These are transcripts of the research and plenary sessions of the Next Millennium Conference on Ending Domestic Violence, held in Chicago in April 1999, which examined research and practice in addressing the needs of victims of domestic violence.
Many of the presentations focus on research that is being done in the field of domestic violence. Issues discussed include collaboration between researchers and practitioners in developing the objectives and methods of research, so as to ensure benefits for practice and safety for victim participants in the research. Confidentiality and ethics in domestic violence research are discussed by a number of panels. Another issue discussed is gaps in research on victimization and victim services for diverse ethnic and marginal groups who experience domestic abuse, such as lesbians, drug addicts, disabled persons, mentally ill persons, and women of color. One panel discusses the biases in research that obstruct the amount and effectiveness of research on domestic violence victims in such groups. The importance of taking into account cultural differences among domestic violence victims when conducting research is discussed as well. Evaluation, one aspect of research, is discussed by one panel. In addition to outlining the basic steps of evaluation research, panel members emphasize the importance of collaboration between researchers and practitioners in determining the objectives and methods of program evaluation. The use of evaluation results is discussed as well. For individual panel presentations, see NCJ-184561-78.

Date Published: August 1, 1999