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New York Statewide Integrated DNA Program, National Institute of Justice DNA Laboratory Improvement Program, Final Report

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Date Published
October 2003
4 pages
Submitted on behalf of the public forensic crime laboratories in New York State, this report documents the use and benefits of CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) funding, which was intended to implement a comprehensive statewide DNA testing program using CODIS.
New York State began collecting DNA samples from qualifying offenders convicted and sentenced on or after January 1, 1996. These samples are maintained and analyzed, using all 13 CODIS STR core loci, at the New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center in Albany. This is also the site for the State's DNA Index System (SDIS). Through SDIS, all New York State CODIS laboratories are able to compare DNA profiles obtained from crime scene evidence with convicted offender profiles, as well as with other cases at local, State, and national levels. The primary goal of New York's CODIS program is to implement a compatible statewide DNA testing program so that the public forensic crime laboratories can use DNA testing, in conjunction with CODIS, to establish investigative leads and identify recidivistic criminal activity. Under Federal funding, five New York State public forensic laboratories installed the necessary software and hardware to meet CODIS standards. Since the implementation of CODIS Phase I funding and throughout the continuation of the State program with CODIS Phase 3/4, the State has equipped and staffed DNA Databank laboratories in core regions across the State. Forensic scientists have created core profiles of convicted offenders that have passed extensive peer review and other quality-control measures, these profiles were uploaded to the SDIS offender database and the National DNA Index System (NDIS). In order to present the tangible results of the CODIS program, statistics and case highlights are presented from the combined New York State DNA Databank participants, which were last updated September 10, 2003.

Date Published: October 1, 2003