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The New Frontier: Leveraging Innovative Technologies To Prevent Bullying

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This chapter focuses on bullying-prevention approaches and programs that leverage technology, including online platforms for collecting data on bullying and school climate, online gaming, and social media.


The chapter does not intend to be a comprehensive review of such ways of countering bullying; rather, it encourages the increased use of and research on innovative approaches to bullying prevention. One section of the chapter addresses bullying prevention programming by using bullying-related data. Certain data collection programs, such as the School-Wide Information System, have been developed to facilitate data-based decisionmaking in responding to various school-related problems. Another section of the chapter promotes mixed-reality simulators to build teachers skills in bullying prevention. An ongoing pilot study of this technology used in the context of coaching that supports teachers' use of a mixed-reality simulator to practice the skills of detecting, responding to, and preventing bullying in the classroom. The chapter also discusses the use of multimedia, interactive, and online games for youth. An example provided is the KiVa Anti-Bullying Program, which includes universal social-emotional skill development activities, as well as anti-bullying videos and video games that teach the harms of bullying. The chapter concludes with a discussion of social media campaigns that use the language teens are using online as a way for youth to speak out against bullying and show support for someone who is being bullied. 44 references

Date Published: January 1, 2018