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New Approaches to Policing High Risk Intimate Partner Victims and Offenders

NCJ Number
NIJ Journal Volume: 282 Dated: 2019
Date Published
June 2020
2 pages

This NIJ Journal article describes two models addressing intimate partner violence which involve assessing victims' risks and needs, and intervention.


Law enforcement strategies for addressing intimate partner violence (IPV) have changed over time. In the 1980s, agencies began implementing policies to combat IPV by criminalizing it, using tactics such as mandatory arrest. More recently, however, new models focused on assessing risks have introduced alternate ways for the criminal justice system to respond to IPV. This NIJ Journal article describes two such models: the Lethality Assessment Program and the Domestic Violence High-Risk Team model, both of which involve assessing victims' risks and needs and then intervening accordingly. The article summarizes the research that has been done thus far on these two models, showing promising results and laying the groundwork for forthcoming research on the experiences of victims who participate in these programs.

Date Published: June 1, 2020