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NCVS Redesign - Comparison of Interviewer and Web Survey Modes

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Date Published
July 2023
162 pages

The authors discuss their testing efforts to develop and assess a new National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) instrument as part of a multiyear effort to update the existing core survey instrument; the document reports on the large-scale national field and web tests to determine the feasibility of using a self-administered, web-based instrument for the NCVS.


This report describes the large-scale national field test and web test to explore the feasibility of using a self-administered, web-based instrument for the NCVS. It details the methodology and findings from this test of two survey modes. The report examines the performance of an interviewer-administered version of the new NCVS instrument compared to a self administered version. The testing was a part of the NCVS Instrument Redesign and Testing Project, a major multiyear effort to revamp the existing core survey instrument, which was last updated in 1992. The effort had three main goals: modernize the organization and content of the NCVS instrument, increase the quality of information collected and efficiency of the instrument flow, and improve the measurement and classification of crime.

Date Published: July 1, 2023