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National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Publications Catalog, Fourth Edition, 1985-1994

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23 pages

This catalog lists all National Institute of Justice (NIJ) publications and videotapes produced between 1985 and 1994, divided by subject.


Each entry lists the title, author, date of publication, number of pages, NIJ number, and availability. Types of publications included here include Research and Evaluation Reports, Issues and Practices in Criminal Justice, Research in Brief (RIB), Research in Action (RIA), Construction Bulletins, Program Focus, Perspectives on Policing, AIDS Bulletins, Crime File Videotapes and Study Guides, and Searching for Answers. The publications cover a wide range of topics, including community policing, computers and technology, corrections, corrections construction, courts, crime prevention, the criminal justice system and AIDS, criminology and research, drug testing, drugs and crime, law enforcement, and victims.

Date Published: January 1, 1994