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National Institute of Justice Annual Report 2005

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Date Published
December 2006
84 pages
Publication Series
This annual report describes the accomplishments of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) during Fiscal Year (FY) 2005.
During FY 2005, NIJ sponsored, participated in, or otherwise supported 56 meetings, conferences, and events, such as the Annual Research & Evaluation Conference, the Crime Mapping Research Conference, and the School Violence Prevention Research Workshop. Additionally, NIJ funded 169 grants in 33 areas of research, including DNA-related operational funding, which accounted for the largest share of expenditures in FY 2005. Other NIJ grants assisted research to develop and improve law enforcement and corrections technology, tools, and operations and to understand and prevent terrorist and transnational crimes. Studying the prevalence and consequences of violence and victimization within communities and corrections was also supported by NIJ funding in 2005, as were efforts to inform practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and the public about criminal justice research findings and technological advances. In April, NIJ helped convene the first National Strategy Meeting on Identifying the Missing, which focused on collaborations and strategies for identifying human remains. NIJ realized several accomplishments in the field of forensics during FY 2005, particularly with DNA technology and computer forensics, and supported research and development toward improving police safety and reducing and preventing crime. The report presents summaries of NIJ-funded research on violence against women, domestic and intimate partner violence, elder abuse, and sexual assault among certain at-risk populations. The report also highlights NIJ accomplishments in transnational crime research, including research on terrorism, human trafficking, cyber-crime, and international gang activity. Finally, the report describes the many printed and online publications of NIJ. Notes, exhibits, appendixes

Date Published: December 1, 2006