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Multidisciplinary Sexual Violence Glossary

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Date Published
April 2022

The Center for Forensic Nursing Excellence International (CFNEI) and the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FCTCOE) developed this multidisciplinary glossary of terms related to “sexual violence,” recognizing that effective communication among interdisciplinary professionals who deal with this issue requires the use of a common understanding of terminology related to issues in sexual violence.




It is anticipated that persons in the medical, law enforcement, and legal professions who are interacting in matters related to sexual violence will refer to this glossary to facilitate clarity in their communications. The Glossary currently contains 4,218 terms and just over 340 acronyms, synonyms, and variations. The Glossary categories for searching are “Sexual Violence,” “Forensic Science,” “Advocacy,” “Law Enforcement,” “Forensic Medical/Nursing,” and “Legal.” If a user cannot find a term, the Glossary provides a means of recommending a term for inclusion in the Glossary.



Date Published: April 26, 2022