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Matching Drug-Involved Probationers to Appropriate Drug Interventions: A Strategy for Reducing Recidivism

NCJ Number
Federal Probation Volume: 63 Issue: 1 Dated: June 1999 Pages: 3-8
Date Published
June 1999
6 pages
This article discusses why it is important to match drug-involved clients to appropriate forms of treatment and how it might be done.
When appropriate interventions (e.g., residential drug treatment, outpatient treatment, urine monitoring) are used with drug-involved clients, scarce treatment resources are used more effectively in reducing recidivism and relapse. Just as community corrections has long given priority to classifying probationers and parolees to appropriate levels of supervision, these agencies can develop guidelines for referring clients to appropriate treatment modalities. The article presents findings from an evaluation study of the New York City Department of Probation’s drug treatment initiative along with policy implications and recommendations, after briefly describing the city’s drug treatment initiative as it existed in the early 1990s. Figures, references, notes

Date Published: June 1, 1999