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Manual de la OVC para Ayudarlo a Superar el Impacto Emocional de Actos Terroristas (Spanish version of OVC Handbook for Coping After Terrorism: A Guide to Healing and Recovery)

NCJ Number
Date Published
September 2001
13 pages
Publication Series
This handbook offers suggestions to aid victims' recovery after an act of terror or mass violence.
Recovering from a traumatic event takes a long time and is not easy. Everyone responds differently, not in a right way or a wrong way, just differently. Reactions to a traumatic disaster frequently include the following: (1) Shock and Numbness; (2) Intense Emotion; (3) Fear; (4) Guilt; (5) Anger and Resentment; (6) Depression and Loneliness; (7) Isolation; (8) Physical Symptoms of Distress; (9) Panic; (10) Inability To Resume Normal Activity; and (11) Delayed Reaction. The handbook suggests practical coping ideas that range from taking deep breaths and trying to relax to finding small ways to help others. It recommends that victims not make any major decisions right away, eat healthy foods and exercise regularly, avoid alcohol and other drugs, plan how to deal with the media, and remember that emotional pain is not endless. The handbook contains victim benefits and assistance contacts, with information on assistance offered and eligible victims.

Date Published: September 1, 2001