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Low Cost, Passive Sub-mm Wave Imager for Concealed Weapons Detection

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This research addresses the need for a low-cost and accurate sensor for detection and identification of concealed weapons under clothing at a range long enough for law enforcement to take appropriate action to eliminate any threat.
The overall purpose of this program was to perform research and development on a concealed weapon detection system utilizing a modification of production worthy, uncooled infrared (IR) sensors to provide to law enforcement personnel an affordable, portable, covert, and passive imaging sensor of sufficient sensitivity and resolution to rapidly and accurately identify weapons, including. knives, guns, and explosives, at a "safe" range (15 meters). Under a previous contract with NIJ the authors identified an optimum submmW band (400GHz - 800GHz) which provided both good resolution while enabling good clothing penetration. The current program goals have been to: 1) optimize the detector design, incorporate the chosen design in a linear array, and integrate the array with a standard Readout Integrated Circuit, 2) evaluate submmW performance and detection of concealed weapons, and 3) provide a demonstrable submmW sensor as a laboratory prototype for evaluation by law enforcement personnel.

Date Published: January 1, 2010