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Looking Back Moving Forward: A Program for Communities Responding to Sexual Assault, Training Guide

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243 pages
This training guide is designed to help communities develop a training program for responding to sexual assault and write a protocol based on community needs and resources.
The training is based on an inventory of existing services, a victim satisfaction survey, and a community needs assessment. The training is structured to accomplish two major objectives: (1) familiarize trainees with the eight-step process in developing and implementing a multiagency, multidisciplinary, victim-centered sexual assault protocol; and (2) develop multidisciplinary communication and teamwork necessary to accomplish the first objective. Necessary training materials and equipment are identified, as well as pretraining procedures, and 19 lesson plans are included. A workbook to accompany the training guide provides additional information, materials, and guidance on developing a sexual assault protocol.

Date Published: January 1, 2000