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LC-MS Screening Assay For Abused Drug Exposure Based On Covalent Peptide/Protein Modification

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This dissertation describes a research project that had the goal of investigating the metabolism of drugs of abuse using three different in vitro systems, and to assess the potential for the metabolites generated to form adducts with the thiol containing peptides.


The author of this dissertation describes a research project to investigate the metabolism of drugs of abuse, using three different in vitro assays systems. The research revealed that the metabolites obtained did exhibit a few common derivatives there were also unique compounds in each system. The author notes that major reported in vivo metabolites for each drug of abuse were found with all three in vitro systems, and the electrochemical oxidation and synthetic metalloporphyrin systems appeared to generate a wider variety of metabolites than what was encountered with human liver microsomes. The results indicate that use of all three in vitro systems may provide a more complete profile of potential Phase I oxidative stable (SM) and (RM) metabolites for a variety of drugs of abuse which may be targeted for analysis in forensic toxicological studies, and that may reveal possible adduct forming species.

Date Published: January 1, 2022