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Lawfully Owed DNA Part 2

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August 2021

This second of a two-part webinar series that discusses lawfully owed DNA focuses on the importance of obtaining and processing lawfully owed DNA samples in adequate time to recognize the full benefits of the CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) database.


Jayann Sepich, founder of DNA Saves, discusses the relevance of lawfully owed DNA databases and the complexity of data collection. Amy Jeanguenat, Principal Consultant at Mindgen LLC, discusses considerations and strategies for assessing the scope of sample collection, tracking, and processing within a jurisdiction and its impact on the crime laboratory. In order to resolve violent crimes, investigators and prosecutors rely on DNA samples to build successful cases with the Assistance of the CODIS. Laws that require the collection of DNA samples from specified arrestees increase the number of profiles in CODIS, which increases the probability of a “hit” should that person be associated with an earlier crime or later crime with collected DNA.

Date Published: August 20, 2021