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Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice Multi-Jurisdictional Information Systems Study, Phase II Final Report

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440 pages
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This report summarizes the results of on-site evaluations of 17 law enforcement/criminal justice multi-jurisdictional information systems.
The purpose of the evaluations was to closely examine the 17 systems which represented a cross-section of regional, State, and local multijurisdictional information systems. Face-to-face interviews with both system managers and system users were conducted between May and August 1999. The 17 systems included 4 automated fingerprint identification systems, 7 State criminal justice information systems, 2 county justice systems, 1 city justice system, 1 regional criminal justice information system, 1 State firearms registry, and 1 state sex offender registry. The 17 systems provided a wide array of information services to criminal justice agencies. The systems gathered information on incidents, suspects, arrestees, victims, stolen items and vehicles, warrants, firearms, and court dispositions. The success of the systems was evaluated in terms of effective leadership, strategic planning, partnerships with users and the vendor community, and ability to identify funding sources. Evaluation findings and overall trends in multijurisdictional information systems are described. The evaluation instruments, interviews, and supporting information are contained in appendixes.

Date Published: January 1, 1999