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Law Enforcement Technology for the 21st Century: Conference Report

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48 pages

This report presents the proceedings of a conference that examined ways to use technology to make law enforcement operations more effective and efficient.


The opening session of the conference established its interactive tone, as a distinguished panel focused on the Fred W. Friendly Program (Columbia University Seminars on Media and Society, Graduate School of Journalism), which addressed through scenarios and role playing the "Hard Choices for Law Enforcement." The program set the stage for further discussion throughout the conference on issues that included technology requirements of the Nation's law enforcement community; advantages and options technology can offer; how the partnership among Justice, Defense, and industry can address constraints in existing technology research and development; and the need for further public and private-sector cooperation and how to accommodate this initiative. At breakout sessions, conference participants examined the major issue of coordinating the needs of law enforcement agencies with the availability of advanced technology theories and products; how industry can determine which needs represent market opportunities and how to penetrate the law enforcement market; how to make the law enforcement markets viable; how industry can work within the constraints imposed by legal liability; and the role of the defense industry, particularly for dual-use and conversion technologies. The final day featured a single industry-oriented panel that discussed the problems faced by industry in addressing law enforcement and criminal justice technology requirements and products. Appended list of conference panel members

Date Published: January 1, 1994