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Justice Innovation Center Produces Report on Agency Needs

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Techbeat Dated: January 2017 Pages: 7-9
Date Published
January 2017
3 pages
This article reviews the rationale for and the content of a publication by the Justice Innovation Center for Small, Rural, Tribal, and Border Criminal Justice Agencies, which represents agencies that lack a centralized voice that can influence the development of technologies and other solutions to address their distinctive challenges and guide research that addresses their needs.

The publication is entitled, "Identifying the Needs and Challenges of Criminal Justice Agencies in Small, Rural, Tribal, and Border (SRTB) Areas." It was published in the fall of 2016. This publication includes a literature review, in-depth interviews with about 150 practitioners and topical experts, and a focus on discussions with an advisory panel of expert practitioners. It includes a section on geographical challenges, an issue specific to SRTB agencies, which need to share data and information. Other SRTB agency challenges addressed are funding, social service provisions, personnel issues, resistance to technology, and legal and policy issues. One need addressed in the publication is the difficulty law enforcement agencies have in supporting specialized positions and assignments, recruiting and retaining qualified personnel, and managing positive relationships with their communities. Also, courts in SRTB communities need help in applying innovative tools to case processing and improve access to justice. Institutional corrections agencies are challenged in providing quality mental health and substance-use treatment training. Community corrections agencies face challenges in managing electronic files, conducting supervised drug testing, and managing offices with limited personnel.

Date Published: January 1, 2017