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Just Science Podcast: Just Enhancing Research to Improve Tech Transition

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January 2024

This podcast discusses the integration of research and practice in forensic laboratories through collaboration.


In episode three of the Just Science Podcast Roadmap to Improving Technology Transition season, Just Science sat down with Dr. Catherine Grgicak, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Rutgers University Camden, and Henry Maynard, Lead Research Scientist for the United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, to discuss the importance of developing research infrastructure within forensic laboratories and communication channels with collaborators. Forensic research and advancement are impossible without the input of forensic practitioners; however, many practitioners are not accustomed to engaging in formal academic research. As a result, the National Institute of Justice’s Forensic Laboratory Needs Technology Working Group, or FLN-TWG, has identified important tools for building an infrastructure for research and collaboration within forensic laboratories. Dr. Grgicak and Henry describe how research is ingrained in forensic practice, how to empower new forensic scientists to get excited about research, and resources to better integrate forensic researchers and practitioners.  

Date Published: January 1, 2024