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Just Science Podcast: Episode 65 - Just So You Know – FTCoE Team - Sarah Norsworthy, Nichole Bynum and Katherine Moore

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Date Published
September 2018
2 pages

This seventh episode of the "Just So You Know" series of the National Institute of Justice's Just Science podcasts consists of interviews with Sarah Norsworthy, Nicole Bynum, and Katherine Moore regarding their forensic backgrounds and how their knowledge is being used in their NIJ-funded work at the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE).


All three of these women work as forensic scientists at FTCoE. Both Katherine Moore and Nicole Bynum specialize in research in forensic toxicology, and Sarah Norsworthy specializes in DNA analysis. Each of the women describes her educational and work background that brought her to FTCoE. Their undergraduate and graduate degrees are related either directly to forensic science or indirectly to a science with relevance to criminal investigations, namely genetics (DNA) and chemistry. Each of the women describes various research projects in which she has been involved at FTCoE.

Date Published: September 1, 2018