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Jails in Indian Country, 2002

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Date Published
November 2003
12 pages
This document presents findings from the 2002 Survey of Jails in Indian Country.

Presents findings from the 2002 Survey of Jails in Indian Country, an enumeration of all 70 confinement facilities, detention centers, jails, and other facilities operated by tribal authorities or the Bureau of Indian Affairs. BJS conducted the survey on June 28, 2002, as part of the Annual Survey of Jails. The report presents data for each facility, including rated capacity, number of adults and juveniles held, number of persons under community supervision, number of persons confined on the last week day of each month since July 2001, average daily population during June, peak population during June, number of admissions in the last 30 days, inmate characteristics (such as conviction status, DWI/DUI offense, and seriousness of offense), number of inmate deaths, facility crowding, and jail staffing.

  • At midyear 2002 jails in Indian country supervised 2,080 persons.
  • Since 1998, the number of inmates in custody at midyear has increased by 26%, and rated capacity has increased 12%.
  • Thirty-five percent of inmates were being held for a violent offense; 15% for domestic violence offense.

Date Published: November 1, 2003