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Jackson County, Missouri, COMmunity-Backed Anti-Drug Tax (COMBAT) Evaluation - Final Report

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Date Published
March 2000
411 pages
This report presents the methodology and findings of a comprehensive evaluation of the implementation and impact of the Jackson County (Missouri) program called COMmunity Backed Anti-Drug Tax (COMBAT), in which funds from an increase in the county sales tax were used to fund prevention, treatment, and law enforcement initiatives designed to counter substance abuse.

The evaluation consisted of developing a history of the program, tracking program elements over time, reviewing all fiscal and administrative arrangements, and examining measures of quality control and administrative efficiency. Data were obtained from extensive interviews with 82 program participants and observers who represented all areas of COMBAT programming and selected areas of community involvement. Other data were collected from observations of 21 COMBAT meetings and an extensive review of programs materials, fiscal records, media information, and county reports. The evaluation concludes that COMBAT has evolved and is starting to become institutionalized as a large-scale, comprehensive public health approach to dealing with drug abuse and all of the problems that arise from it. The level of integration of both public health and strong law enforcement components is unusual. It is also unique in that COMBAT programming represents both a stable presence in the community through funding a standing group of providers and programs over the years, as well as a dynamic component that introduces new programming ideas as they arise. Replication of COMBAT in other States is considered viable, and this report outlines the elements most likely to produce a successful replication of the program. Extensive exhibits and appended supplementary materials

Date Published: March 1, 2000