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Intimate Partner Violence Against Athabaskan Women Residing in Interior Alaska: Results of a Victimization Survey

NCJ Number
Violence Against Women Volume: 15 Issue: 4 Dated: April 2009 Pages: 497-507
Date Published
April 2009
11 pages

This article reports the results of victimization survey measuring the incidence and prevalence of intimate partner violence (IVP) against Athabaskan women residing in the interior of Alaska.


Victimization by IPV was found to be widespread among the Athabaskan women surveyed. The relatively high incidence and prevalence rates indicate that it is a commonly shared experience of Athabaskan women residing in the State’s rural interior. The results of the survey showed that an overwhelming majority of women surveyed were assaulted by an intimate partner at least once in their lifetime. Within a given year, roughly one of six women experienced at least one act of assault committed by an intimate partner. A survey instrument mirroring the National Violence Against Women Survey was administered in person to measure the incidence and prevalence of IPV among a sample of Alaska Native women residing in Alaska’s interior. The survey was conducted as part of a research project that sought to examine factors associated with the prevalence and incidence of violence against Alaska Native women in the eastern part of the State. Tables, figures, and references

Date Published: April 1, 2009