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International Terrorism Victim Expense Reimbursement Program 2015 Report to Congress

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Date Published
June 2017
6 pages

This report summarizes the International Terrorism Victim Expense Reimbursement Program's (ITVERP's) activities from October 1, 2014, to September 30, 2015, with attention to application processing, claims payment, and public-awareness activities intended to inform potential claimants of ITVERP benefits and services.


During this reporting period, the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) and the Office of Justice Programs' Office of the Chief Information Officer continued working cooperatively to develop a more comprehensive case-management system. ITVERP conducted outreach to current terrorism victims for ongoing medical and mental health expenses. It also increased collaboration with other Federal partners. During this reporting period, ITVERP received 33 new applications for reimbursement. The applications involved terrorist incidents that dated from September 4, 1997, to May 13, 2015. An exhibit portrays the number of applications received during each ITVERP reporting period since the program's inception in 2006. Data on reimbursement requests are reported in the following expense categories: medical, mental health, property loss, funeral/burial expenses; and miscellaneous. During this reporting period, ITVERP paid $256,746.14 in reimbursement requests. Dollar amounts are reported for payments to the 29 claimants in the reporting period. Data are also reported on appeals and future liability. The report concludes with a discussion of future program needs and improvements, with a focus on the complexity of claims and outreach and program partnerships. 12 exhibits

Date Published: June 1, 2017