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Influence of Criminal Justice Research

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Date Published
June 1987
134 pages

This analysis of NIJ-supported research on policing, prosecution, sentencing, corrections, and criminal justice system technology concludes that criminal justice policymaking has benefited greatly from empirical research during the past 20 years.


The majority of this research would not have been possible without Federal support. Federal interest in and support of research has also shaped the criminal justice research agenda, stimulated that growth of that research as an academic field, and helped develop a stronger and more productive link between the research and criminal justice communities. Both communities would undoubtedly benefit from even close involvement through a formal collaborative framework. Specific research findings have focused on the relationship between traditional police practices and their goals, case attrition in jurisdictions across the Nation, the lack of effectiveness of rehabilitation programs in general, the classification of offenders for recidivism risk, and the use of existing and emerging technologies to handle specific operational problems. Detailed descriptions of findings, list of persons interviewed, and 133 references

Date Published: June 1, 1987