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Improving the Recruitment of Hispanics Into Law Enforcement Careers

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This workshop provided guidelines for Hispanic-American police officers in the Chicago metropolitan area in recruiting Hispanic-Americans for police work; parameters were set for a research project to develop a model targeted recruitment program designed to increase the effectiveness of police departments in attracting Hispanics into law enforcement careers.
The first part of the workshop, entitled "The Role of Hispanic Police Organizations in Recruitment," was conducted by Mario Garcia, Senior Consultant with the Latino Institute in Chicago. The purpose of the Institute is to empower committed individuals and groups to obtain for the Latino community a fair share of public and private resources to improve the quality of life for the Latino community in the Chicago metropolitan area. A survey was administered to 20 Hispanic police officers during the workshop. Eleven of the respondents indicated their departments had not identified the shortage of Hispanic police officers as one of its major concerns. Eighteen responded that their associations had not made recruitment a priority. None of the respondents indicated they were "recruited" into law enforcement. The workshop produced 17 suggestions for ways Hispanic police organizations can help in the recruitment of Hispanic-Americans for police work, including public relations, setting policy, educating the Hispanic community, cultivating interest in Hispanic youth, and encouraging and helping candidates to apply. Parameters for the Recruitment Research Project are outlined. Appended agenda of the Recruitment Workshop follow-up meeting of the Coalition of Hispano-American Police Associations, a coalition of 25 Hispanic police organizations

Date Published: January 1, 1994