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Implementation Outcomes of the Philadelphia Police School Diversion Program: A School-based Alternative-to-arrest Initiative

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Journal of Crime and Justice Volume: Online Dated: 2024
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In this paper, researchers assessed the outcomes of the Philadelphia Police School Diversion Program, a school-based alternative-to-arrest initiative.


The current study examined implementation outcomes of the Philadelphia Police School Diversion Program, a school-based, alternative-to-arrest program that has already demonstrated promising effectiveness outcomes, and found that several important components of program implementation that contributed to its widespread adoption and sustained operations. Evaluations of juvenile and criminal legal system programs typically focus on outcomes related to program impacts, or effectiveness. However, implementation outcomes – which relate to the processes underlying program execution – are equally as critical to determining program success. Through qualitative analysis of semi-structured interviews with 11 school and police stakeholders and quantitative analysis of police data for 2,047 school-based arrests in Philadelphia that occurred during the first five years of program operation, researchers explored outcomes related to Diversion Program adoption, appropriateness, acceptability, fidelity, penetration/reach, and sustainability, as well as stakeholder thoughts about program expansion and replication. (Published Abstract Provided)

Date Published: January 1, 2024