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Impacts of Successive Drug Legislation Shifts: Qualitative Observations from Oregon Law Enforcement [Interim Report: Year One]

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This report provides the initial findings of a multi-year project studying the effects of drug policy in Oregon.


This report provides the initial findings of Year 1 of a multi-year project to understand the effects of successive drug policy efforts in Oregon, with special focus given to Ballot Measure 110 (M110). These findings are part of a 3-year study to examine the impacts of possession of PCS law changes on: (1) law enforcement discretion, (2) prosecutorial decision-making, (3) courts/sentencing, and (4) public safety. The key findings, unless noted, represent statewide trends and impacts. Prior to M110, other statewide changes in policy, law, and historical events such as the COVID-19 lockdown/court backlog and public defense crisis also had important impacts on enforcement, prosecution/sentencing, and public safety outcomes. As such, data collected during the early implementation of M110 is not likely a reliable predictor of its ultimate impact. The data reported on below is through 1 – 2 years post-M110. Although it sheds light on important questions, it is too early to draw any definitive conclusions about long-term impacts of M110.

Date Published: January 1, 2023