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Identifying Successes and Barriers in a Child Advocacy Center: An Examination of Five Service Areas

NCJ Number
Child & Youth Services Volume: Online Dated: 2022
Date Published
August 2022

Despite widespread support for coordinated responses to child maltreatment, little research examines the successes and barriers faced by child advocacy centers (CACs).



The current study examines perspectives on program operations within a large CAC in the Midwest across 14 focus groups, including both internal CAC staff (N = 32) and external agency partners (N = 37). Universal successes and barriers were identified across all service areas. Still, the findings indicate a need to also consider the unique factors affecting each service area. The importance of these findings is discussed for those working in arenas that provide services to youth and families exposed to trauma. (Publisher's abstract provided)

Date Published: August 1, 2022