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Health Watch: Checking in for Duty

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Date Published
May 2015
2 pages
This pamphlet provides questions that law enforcement officers should ask their physicians, so they will have the information needed to improve their health, given that the average life expectancy of a law enforcement officer is 66, compared with a life expectancy of 79 for the civilian population.
An annual wellness examination is recommended for identifying any health issues and how they should be addressed. Questions that should be asked the physician yield information on the risk for heart disease, a healthy blood pressure, and a healthy cholesterol level. This pamphlet provides information on healthy and unhealthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Other questions to ask a physician focus on potential risks posed by inheritance of parental health problems, recommended age-appropriate medical tests, physical activity appropriate for one's health condition and age, and physical activities that should be avoided. Other questions to ask a physician pertain to law enforcement job-related health threats, such as the long-term effects of wearing heavy equipment and a bullet-resistant vest, how to maintain a healthy sleep schedule while on an irregular shift schedule, how to address the unhealthy effects of extended periods of idleness in a patrol car, and management of job-related stress to prevent adverse health effects.

Date Published: May 1, 2015