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Forensic Molecular Biomarkers for Mixture Analysis

NCJ Number
Forensic Science International-Genetics Volume: 41 Dated: July 2019 Pages: 107-119
Date Published
July 2019
13 pages
This review describes novel, forensically relevant multi-SNP loci (i.e., microhaplotypes or microhaps), compound markers (i.e., DIP-STRs, SNP-STRs and DIP-SNPs) and lineage markers (i.e., rapidly mutating Y chromosome STRs) that improve the deconvolution of two and more than two-person mixtures typed using conventional STR, binary and non-binary loci.

The deconvolution of DNA mixtures has gained the attention of forensic DNA scientists for over two decades. To enhance mixture deconvolution capabilities, a new generation of sensitive DNA-typing approaches has been recently prod. The current review explores the features and applications of these emerging molecular biomarkers with respect to their ability to forensically detect same-or-opposite sex donors. It also discusses the impact of initial massively parallel sequencing (MPS) investigations of STR, microhaplotype, and SNP/indel assays for DNA mixture profiling. (publisher abstract modified)

Date Published: July 1, 2019